IU Posts Adorable Family Photo While On Vacation

What a good looking family!

IU sweetly shared her daily life with her followers!

On January 24, IU posted photos of her vacation on her official Instagram account. Dressed fashionably during the trip, she wore a pastel blue turtleneck paired with a plaid, over-sized blazer and jeans.

Her photos tastefully matched her surroundings as she made use of complementary colors, particularly between her outfit and the environment.


Aside from her lovely selfies, what caught fans’ attentions was a photo she took with her family.

In the image, IU’s dad stands to her right while her mom and younger brother stand to her left. IU cutely leans towards her mom as her mom holds her arm.


Although she drew hearts and circles on their faces to protect their privacy, IU’s dad still attracted attention for his handsome physique, especially for his age.

He looks young even though he is 68 years old.

– K-Netizen


IU and her family are truly adorable!

Source: TheQoo