IU Gets Emotional And Expresses Her Gratitude During Her Concert

IU loves her fans so much!

At one of her concert stops for her recent “Love Poem” tour, IU performed one of her many hit songs, “Dear name.” Her fans happily listened to her calming yet, powerful voice as she sang the song and sent them warm feelings.

In the middle of IU’s performance, every person in the audience raised a banner with their name written on each banner. It looked like IU was addressing each person in the room at the time while she was performing her song because her song “Dear name” never specified any name, meaning that it can be addressed to anyone.

When IU saw and realized what her fans were doing for her, she couldn’t help but feel touched at the gesture and started tearing up while performing. Her genuine love for her fans was evident in her eyes because she looked at them with so much awe and gratefulness.

She was so thankful for the heartwarming gesture her fans prepared for her that she even stepped down the stage to meet the one who organized the fan project. She was really touched by the gesture that she returned her thankfulness by kissing her hand sweetly!

IU’s love for her fans is incredible and clearly, out of this world, and her fans sure do love her a lot too!