IU Reveals How Often She’s Been Dyeing Her Hair for Her New Comeback

IU’s been sporting the most gorgeous hair colors for her most recent comeback.

An hour before releasing her new album, “Love Poem”, IU held a V Live broadcast to express her thoughts on her comeback.

IU expressed how hectic the release day had been for her highly anticipated album.

I’m releasing a new album for the first time in a while. Right now, I’m practicing singer together as an ensemble. I’ve never had such a hectic release day before. And it’s also the first time it hasn’t really hit me.

– IU

IU also shared how often she’s been dyeing her hair for her new comeback.

I’m dyeing my hair once a week. The fans who came to my concert probably know this, but my hair color faded again.

– IU

But she assured her fans that they don’t need to worry about her hair or scalp.

My scalp has never hurt because of bleaching. Since I have very low expectations for the health of my hair at the moment, you don’t have to worry about me.

– IU

Fans who watched the broadcast responded with comments such as “Your scalp is okay, right?” and “That’s crazy…

Source: Dispatch