IU Couldn’t Believe Her Own Influence After Her Favorite Movie Started Trending Online

The power of IU.

IU recently answered fans’ questions on her official Instagram story, and she was shocked by her own influence after the favorite movie she mentioned began trending online.

She started off the session by sharing, “I’m here, not because I couldn’t sleep, but because I didn’t want to waste my time sleeping. Maybe it’s because this is my last city on the tour.

IU then proceeded to answer various questions given by fans, including one asking about her favorite movie.

My favorite movie these days is “Marriage Story”.

– IU

She was also asked about her MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator), to which she revealed her type.

I’m a passionate mediator.

– IU

And shortly afterward, Marriage Story began trending online in Korea ranking at 8th place, and “Passionate Mediator” also trended at 10th place.



A fan noticed this immediately and messaged IU on her Instagram story to let her know of her influence, and IU was surprised by this as well.


– IU


That’s the power of IU.

Source: Dispatch