IU Just Had The Most Wholesome Interaction With Some Elderly Fans At Her Recent Concert

It’s guaranteed to make you feel soft:

With her LOVE, POEM concert tour in full swing, IU recently drew attention for the way she interacted with some of her older fans.


IU was recently in Taiwan for her concert tour. While IU once again delivered with flawless performances, awesome ments, and some sweet interactions with fans, one interaction with some elderly fans, in particular, stole everyone’s heart.


During the first day of the concert, IU suddenly realized there were a few elderly fans in the audience. IU was very excited to see the fans and immediately headed down the stage to have a chat with them!


After talking with them for a while and having just an all-around wholesome interaction, IU suggested they take some photos together and explained, “Since I’ve started my overseas tour, I feel like I will gain strength during my most tiring days when I look at these photos.


IU further showed them some love when she checked in on them later, making sure that their backs weren’t hurting. And she even performed a song just for them, adding it to the setlist and performing it acapella since the band hadn’t prepared for it!


Even more recently, when IU was in Singapore, she was caught having another sweet interaction with an older fan. The fan even promised to come see her again next year!


While IU’s interactions with her older fans have been making everyone feel soft, of course, these aren’t the only times IU has shown just how much she loves Uaena. Even just over the past couple of weeks, IU has been spotted doing everything from bringing special gifts for Uaena who came to greet her at the airport to going the extra mile to making sure every fan at her fan meetings has the best experience ever. There’s no doubt that IU truly loves Uaena!