IU Made Only One Demand When Re-Signing Her Contract, And It Was For Her Staff, Not Herself

That one demand showed her true colors.

IU resigned with Kakao M (formerly LOEN) back in October 2018, continuing their relationship for over 10 years. IU has been under LOEN Entertainment since her debut in 2008.


When IU was re-signing with her company, she made one demand for her terms. It wasn’t for a new studio space or a raise in her profits… It was for the employment stability for the staff members who’ve been working with her through thick and in.

I want to continue working with my staff who are like family. Give raises to my staff’s salaries.

— IU


Artists are given a large sum of money as a down payment for their contract, but IU stated that she would forfeit her down payment for the benefit of her personal staff.

I don’t need a down payment for my contract. Instead, I want employment security and salary raises for my 40 staff members who suffer and work in this harsh industry.

— IU


Netizens were beyond touched by how much IU cares for her staff, who are basically family to her. They praised her loyalty and bravery, many becoming envious of her staff members.

  • “She’s a person who knows how to give back. People like her need to succeed.”
  • “I’m not her fan but IU is definitely an amazing person who should be respected.”
  • “Other idols would take the praise themselves when they find success, but IU gives back to and thanks her staff members. It really seems like she wants her staff to be praised too. I remember she even brought up her staff members at an award ceremony once.”
  • “Staff members get paid really poorly. I’m sure her staff were touched by how much she thinks about them.”
  • “Not all rich people are like this… People who know how to use that money for good and for a deep meaning are truly wealthy.”
  • “She’s my rolemodel.”


This isn’t the first time IU has shown her immense love for her staff members. She’s made sure to sing the congratulatory songs for her dancers’ weddings… numerous times!


Her staff continually praises her work ethic and personality, claiming she’s a “goddess” and “dancing queen”!

IU rehearses with the full band at least four times a week, which itself is insane. She sings non-stop for six hours, which will result in her flawless performance during the show.

As for her performance, IU treats the choreography sessions like three hours of non-stop aerobic exercise. She does not show any physical limitations when it comes to her endurance. That must be a reason why she is called the dancing Goddess, and a dancing queen.

— IU’s Staff


It’s no wonder her staff addresses her as “I-Boss (IU +Boss)”!