IU Opened Up About Her Past Struggles And Her Words Touched Hearts Around The World

“Moments are temporary, memories are permanent, but sincerity through heart is forever.”

From her amazing vocals, outstanding songwriting abilities, and undeniable charm that makes her accessible to every generation, it’s not hard to see why everyone loves IU. But fans have found one more reason to show her all the love in the world.


IU made a stop in Singapore on December 15, 2018 for her 10th-anniversary concert tour dlwlrma.


While she blew everyone away with her vocal power…


Her sweet and special song just for fans…


And her insistence that Uaena could film her encore stage…


It was IU’s words to Uaenas that have been touching everyone’s heart. During the concert, she took some time to open up to fans about her past struggles and began by explaining that it wasn’t always easy for her to look beyond the hate.

When I was young, even though I received so much love, I used to pay more attention to people who disliked me. I think that’s why I used to write the lyrics that are so sharp and dark but it’s definitely changing now.

— IU


Thankfully, she explained that’s changing now and since she’s been able to focus on love more she’s started wanting to write more songs conveying those feelings.

I have become a person who can focus more on love and seeing you guys today it makes me want to write more songs about love or comfort.

— IU


And after thanking fans for making her a better person, she asked if they would be willing to listen to her emotions and relay those feelings to others.

I really love myself and you guys make me a better person I’ll continue to sing songs that convey more than single words so I really hope you guys will often listen and relay my emotions. Can you do that for me?

— IU


Of course, fans who attended the concert responded with a whole lot of love and support for the singer-songwriter.


While IU did express the same feeling to fans in Hong Kong when she was there, her particular word choice in Singapore is warming everyone’s heart.


Give a listen to what she said in Singapore and prepare your heart for some major love.