IU’s Reaction To Dropping Her Birthday Cake On Stage Was Relatable AF

Everything about her reaction was beyond relatable and so cute!

IU proved once again she’s relatable as ever when her surprise birthday cake took a bit of a tumble on stage.


IU recently performed at the annual Yonsei University festival AKARAKA and totally slayed the stage. But she also took some plenty of time to interact with fans and even received a very special surprise from them! The day before the festival was IU’s birthday so students prepared a few gifts for IU including a congratulatory video, flowers, and a cake.


As soon as IU saw the surprise gifts, she broke out in a huge smile. Unfortunately, disaster was right around the corner! As IU took the flowers and cake, the students began singing happy birthday to her, and soon IU was dancing along. But one sway too far…


And her cake slipped off the box and headed straight for the stage!


Poor IU was horrified to see her cake hit the floor. Embarrassed she apologized while fans cheered her up by chanting that it was okay.


But IU wasn’t about to let all that hard work and yumminess go to waste! Reaching down, IU swiped up a bit of the cake that hadn’t hit the floor and ate it.

I’ll eat it. Thank you! This is the first time I’ve ever received a birthday song from so many people. I am so grateful.

— IU


Later, after the cake had been cleared away, IU couldn’t help teasing herself a little bit when she warned her backup dancers to beware the spot in case it was still slippery!


Fans can’t get over how cutely IU reacted to her cake fiasco and it’s not hard to see why!


Check out the moment around the 1-minute and 10-second mark below: