IU And Rihanna’s Hidden Talent Will Make You Look Twice

IU and Rihanna are both incredibly skilled at walking on top of storm drains in killer heels, and these photos will make you do a double-take.

In a recent post on an online community portal, one netizen shared photos of IU walking in super tall high heels over a long storm drain with drainage holes much bigger than the heel itself.

The heels began getting thinner towards the heel cap and were thin enough to go through any one of the drainage holes, yet IU walked with such grace and skill that her heel never even slipped through once.

Netizens marveled at how unbelievable her skill was, and questioned how walking over such a hole-ridden surface was even possible.

She even waves to a fan while walking in such treacherous conditions!
IU quickly looks down to makes sure she’s stepping in the right spot.
IU has enough confidence wearing heels that she doesn’t even have to watch where she’s stepping!

Another celebrity who has these “superpowers” is Rihanna, and netizens shared photos of her walking over storm drains in stilettos, which have even thinner heels and heel caps. These photos show that IU and Rihanna are not only considered amazing artists but also amazing high-heel-walkers.

How do they do it?
If she had stepped just one millimeter in the wrong direction, her heel could have fallen through!
Rihanna almost makes it look too easy.

Source: Joongang Ilbo