IVE Rei’s Grandfather Has The Sweetest Way Of Supporting Her, And She Only Found Out Recently

There’s no purer love out there 🥺

As a member of one of the hottest rookie groups of the year, IVE‘s Rei has a lot to be proud of. But there appears to be someone who is even more proud of her than she may be—her grandfather!

IVE’s Rei | @IVE_twt/Twitter

In a recent solo vlog, Rei visited her home country of Japan and filmed her living room for the first time. She happily said that she wanted to show fans something, and it was incredibly heartwarming!

According to the rapper, her grandfather personally decorated their living room with her pictures and even framed each one of them. She only found out that very day.

The camera then panned to two pictures of her photocards and one of her singing live.

I’m in the living room. I found my photos displayed here, so I’ll show them to you. First, here’s my photocard. When did it come out? Look at this. What is this? Look at this. I was probably singing, ‘The unfamiliar name that tickled my lips.

— Rei

But that’s not all! She went on to reveal even more framed pictures of herself. “Here’s me again. This is probably from our showcase,” she observed, showing an image of her waving one hand.

My grandfather is so cute,” she said with a smile on her face.

The way her grandfather collected her pictures and proudly displayed them in their house is a whole new level of sweet. He’s obviously her biggest supporter!

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

See Rei explain each photo in the full vlog below.

Source: YouTube