IVE Showed Their True Personalities Through A Secret Message To The Staff On “The Game Caterers”

They were the same even during breaks.

The Game Caterers YouTube series uploaded on Channel Fullmoon is a spin-off of the hugely popular show 2 Days & 1 Night, which focuses on bonding Korean celebrities through various mini-games conducted by the famous director Na PD. Many companies, including YG Entertainment and HYBE, have been on the show to strengthen the relationships of their artists.

Title card for Channel Fullmoon on YouTube | 채널 십오야/YouTube

The most recent guests on the second season were the artists of Starship Entertainment! They boasted a diverse cast of actors and idols. Among the guests were Jang WonyoungGaeulLizYujin, and Rei from the monster rookie girl group IVE, who captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their singles “Love Dive” and “After Like.” Unfortunately, their last member, Leeseo, could not attend, but the girls still had a great time.

Starship Entertainment artists being introduced on The Game Caterers채널 십오야/YouTube

Being the youngest in the company, they received a lot of love from their seniors, especially when getting second chances during games.

They also had a lot of love for their coworkers and even the team of The Game Caterers! They showed their cute charms by sending a sweet secret message to the hardworking staff while they were supposed to be on break.

Gaeul, Yujin, and Rei tried to mime the message to the camera operators, but thanks to the audio staff, they could also hear them loud and clear. The members kindly reminded them to stay warm and take their medicine.

When the girls found out that the staff had not eaten yet, they became concerned and told them to eat after they finished setting up.

In true idol fashion, they also gave them a menu recommendation of galbijjim, also known as Korean braised short ribs, perfect for the cold weather.

IVE showed that they’re kind to all people, whether they’re fellow idols or staff members, giving their fans, nicknamed DIVE, even more reasons to love them!

Watch the full episode below. IVE sends their sweet message to the staff of The Game Caterers at the 18:00 mark.