IZ*ONE Thought They’d Missed Their Chance To Win Snacks But Chaeyeon Came To The Rescue Just In Time

Chaeyeon’s lightning-fast reaction guaranteed IZ*ONE’s win:

There’s always a moment in every game when you realize you’re either going to win or lose. Sometimes, however,  those realizations aren’t what happens in reality and luckily for IZ*ONE, just when they thought they’d lose not only the game but the opportunity to win snacks, Chaeyeon swooped in at just the right moment to guarantee their victory!

During the latest segment of Shindong Gayo, IZ*ONE were given the opportunity to win lots of and lots of snacks through a game of unified telepathy. To win, IZ*ONE would need to match up all of their actions when given a keyword all without discussing it beforehand.

While the game sounded simple at first, it proved anything but! As soon as the game started, IZ*ONE was already having a little bit of trouble completely matching up.

With more keyword clues ending with similar results, Shindong decided to let one small change in their poses slide so they could get at least a few snacks during the game’s first round.

With a some snacks finally won, IZ*ONE was more determined than ever to win the rest of the candy and snack stash in round two. Unfortunately, however, as soon as round two began IZ*ONE found themselves in the same predicament as round one.

By the final round, IZ*ONE hadn’t added any more snacks to their pile! To help them beat the game and add more snacks to their pile, Shindong decided to give them a helping hand by suggesting an action to do.

While it seemed like things were looking up as the IZ*ONE got ready to bust out the move together, as the waiting song began to play, they soon noticed Eunbi had completely missed Shindong’s suggestion and looked suspiciously like she was going to use a different pose!

As the countdown began, IZ*ONE were sure that they’d lose their last chance at getting snacks but Chaeyeon was determined to make sure that didn’t happen. With lightning-fast reflexes, she shot to Eunbi’s side and made sure she ended in the same pose as everyone else!

With Chaeyeon’s quick reaction, IZ*ONE was able to win all the snacks they wanted! Watch the whole hilarious game and their victory below: