IZ*ONE’s Eunbi And Lovelyz’s Yein Caught Fans By Surprise With Gorgeous Photos From Their Latest Hangout

Fans had no idea the two of them had hung out together:

The best surprises can come in many forms and for WIZ*ONE and Lovelinus, their recent amazing surprise came in the form of some absolutely gorgeous photos of IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi and Lovelyz‘s Yein from their latest hangout session!

A few weeks ago, Eunbi uploaded a set of beautiful photos of herself to IZ*ONE’s Instagram. With Eunbi embodying spring, the photos immediately captured everyone’s heart.

But things only got better from there! While fans were already loving the solo photos, they were soon falling even harder for the photos Eunbi had taken with Yein!

A few days ago, Photomatic Seoul shared more pretty solo photos of Eunbi, dropped some stunning solo pics of Yein, and surprised everyone with some heart-fluttering pictures of the two of them together!

In the pictures, Yein and Eunbi couldn’t hide their ear-to-ear grins as they posed together…

And just had fun taking pics together!

Not to mention that the photos were a pure visual explosion!

As soon as the photos were uploaded, they immediately grabbed the attention of fans everywhere who simply couldn’t get enough of the two of them!

And is it any wonder why? Seeing the two of them together is guaranteed to make your day so much brighter!