IZ*ONE’s Hitomi Launched An Attack On Everyone’s Heart Showcasing Her Rock-Hard Abs In New Photos

We were not prepared!

Lately, IZ*ONE have been determined to leave us all feeling more than a little attacked by sharing plenty of heart-fluttering selcas, dance covers, and more over on their Instagram page. And, well, it’s definitely working!

Image: @official_izone/Twitter

With IZ*ONE seemingly taking turns to steal our hearts, Hitomi recently decided to launch her next attack and K.O-ed the entire fandom!

On April 17, Hitomi took to IZ*ONE’s Instagram page and posted a series of photos from her latest pilates practice. Showcasing her incredible flexibility…

And strength, Hitomi immediately had everyone in complete awe of her skills and seriously feeling the effects of this particular attack.

This, however, was just the beginning! Hitomi had one more surprise for fans that proved to be the ultimate weapon — her rock-hard abs!

Understandably, WIZ*ONE were NOT prepared! Since sharing the photos, Hitomi’s abs have been taking over everyone’s feed and leaving fans feeling very, very, very attacked!

There’s no doubt that Hitomi and her members are determined to leave us feeling more than a little attacked and it’s working wonderfully!