Korean Netizens Falling For IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon And Her New Look

She is beautiful!

IZ*ONE recently made their comeback with BLOOM*IZ which features title track “FIESTA.”

Comebacks in K-Pop are something to look forward to not only because of the new songs we will get to hear, and getting to see our favorite people more often, but also because it’s an opportunity for idols to switch up their looks, meaning we can see new sides of them!

For IZ*ONE’s comeback, Chaeyeon decided to switch things up and go for a new look! She cut her hair short and looked even prettier because of it!

Netizens are also complimenting her visuals after losing a bit of weight as well!

Everyone seems to be falling for Chaeyeon after her visuals were upgraded!

Check out IZ*ONE’s music video for “FIESTA” here:


Source: Nate Pann