WIZ*ONE Collects Donations To Gift Custom Mics For IZ*ONE’s 2 Year Anniversary

Fans have prepared a special gift for the girls.

To prepare for IZ*ONE‘s two year debut anniversary, fans have begun to work together to gather donations and organize a special event that includes gifting the members with custom microphones.

| @spaceizofficial/Twitter

The design of the custom mics will be finalized based on the proposed mic design and the opinions of the members.

| @official_izone/Twitter

To allow for as many people to participate in the donations, they began collecting starting on June 23 with no end date.

Below is the design layout that will be base for the custom design of the microphones.

They will be preparing 12 set of the SHURE ULXD2/KSM9HS hand microphones and corresponding ULDX4 receivers as part of their gift for their second debut anniversary.


Below are the benefits for fans depending on how much they donate for this project. For fans who donate more than $20 will receive character stickers, for fans who donate more than $70 they will receive a light stick accessory, and for those that donate more than $120 will receive a mini key ring in a mic shape.


On August 3, the fan club confirmed that they reached 100% of the donations needed for the second anniversary project. They stated that they would extend the donation date by one day for those that have not had a chance to donate yet.

Congrats to IZ*ONE for their upcoming anniversary! The girls are lucky to have such supportive and loving fans!