IZ*ONE Hitomi’s Visual Growth Shows The Difference Between Japanese And Korean Styling

We need to book a session with her hair stylist ASAP.

IZ*ONE was a group that was made out of Korean and Japanese members, through the hit reality survival show, Produce 48. Some of the Japanese members that made it to debut include Sakura, Hitomi and Nako. Hitomi was originally a member of AKB48, before she temporarily left for Korea in order to participate in Produce 48 and debut as part of IZ*ONE.

Fans uncovered these absolutely adorable photos of Hitomi from when she was promoting in Japan.

| AVEX Group

Korean netizens dub these photos as very distinctively Japanese, with a style often rocked by Japanese idols.

| Stage 48

Some of the key features include light-colored eyeshadows, full bangs and a glossy pink lip.

| AVEX Group

However, after she came to South Korea, her styling changed drastically. While none of her features had changed apart from losing some baby fat, her hair and makeup saw an upgrade to become more modern.

Hitomi got rid of her bangs and started sporting matte lips which can make your lips look fuller. She also used contouring shades for eyeshadow instead of the light shadow Japanese makeup artists often use to highlight the center of the eyes.

| Stone Music Entertainment

Light shadow can easily make one’s eyes look more puffy if used incorrectly. Hitomi’s eyes now look larger and deeper!

Keeping in mind that Hitomi is only a mere 19 years old, her change in looks can also be attributed to a loss in baby fat due to strict diet and intense promotions. She still is the same Hitomi as ever!

Source: pann