IZ*ONE’s Hyewon Turns Beach Day Into Photoshoot With Her Water Goddess Visual

How many visual upgrades is she getting!?

In the latest updates to IZ*ONE‘s official Instagram feed, which is thriving with content from the group’s LA visit for KCON LA 2019, member Hyewon‘s visual stole the spotlight entirely and took all the attention from the followers for herself!


With a series of beachy pictures, Hyewon boasted her breathtaking beauty! With her beyond perfect skin and her chocolate brown hair curling down her neck, she was simply a doll.


Under the Californian sun and with sand between her toes, Hyewon definitely looked like a water goddess that emerged from the sea and has never looked better! Her beauty is now leaving IZ*ONE fans worldwide completely mesmerized.


Hyewon also looked amazing in red on stage at IZ*ONE’s performance at KCON LA.

Watch the “Violeta” fan cam here: