IZ*ONE’s Sakura Is Going Viral for Her Upgraded Dancing Ability in “Secret Story of the Swan”

Sakura is finally getting the attention that she deserves.

IZ*ONE recently made a comeback with their title song, “Secret Story of the Swan”, and Sakura‘s dancing ability in the song is gaining overwhelming attention in online communities.

On Mnet’s M Countdown, IZ*ONE made their first stage appearance with the song, and the members didn’t disappoint.

Sakura particularly impressed fans with her upgraded dancing ability, which had a chance to shine during the dance break.

Not only were her moves on point, but she exerted great power in her dancing that made for an impactful performance.

After seeing Sakura’s charismatic dancing ability, netizens online are marveling at her improvement with comments such as “Has she always been this good?” and “She’s such a good dancer“.

Fans loved Sakura’s dancing so much that a close-up video of Sakura gained more than 100,000 views on YouTube only a day after its upload.

Did Sakura improve her dancing dramatically or has she been this good all along but never got the chance to show it off?

Check out the full close-up footage of Sakura below:

Source: Dispatch