IZ*ONE’s Sakura Had Everyone Feeling Emotional With Her Surprise For Minju And Chaeyeon On Her Birthday

Instead of a surprise for the birthday girl, the birthday girl surprised them:

Normally it’s the person celebrating their birthday that gets a surprise on their big day, but IZ*ONE‘s Sakura decided she wanted to give a special surprise to Minju and Chaeyeon on her birthday instead!

Image: @official_izone/Twitter

On March 19, IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE came together to celebrate Sakura’s birthday together through a livestream. As the live kicked off, the focus was on the birthday girl and making sure that her special day was extra special.

Although IZ*ONE was ready to make her day special, it turned out that Sakura had a few plans to make her birthday absolutely perfect with an extra sweet surprise that all of her members knew about except for the two people the surprise was intended for — Minju and Chaeyeon!

In the middle of the live, Sakura excused herself for a moment and quickly made her way off camera.

A few moments later, she returned with a second birthday cake as all of the members burst out singing the birthday song for Chaeyeon and Minju!

Since IZ*ONE was forced to go on a 3-month long hiatus due to the Mnet vote manipulation scandal, Minju and Chaeyeon, whose birthdays landed in the middle of their hiatus, weren’t able to celebrate their birthdays with their members and WIZ*ONE. So Sakura decided to make sure they got to do it anyway!

I had actually wanted to do this. Minju and Chaeyeon didn’t get to celebrate their birthdays with WIZ*ONE so, today,  I wanted to celebrate together.

— Sakura

Sakura’s birthday surprise definitely had Minju and Chaeyeon feeling pretty emotional and they certainly weren’t the only ones. Like Minju and Chaeyeon, WIZ*ONE were feeling the effects of Sakura’s surprise.

It just goes to show that IZ*ONE truly is more than just a group! You can watch the surprise unfold at around the 17-minute and 40-second mark below: