IZ*ONE Unveiled A Brand New Unit Song At Their Concert In Seoul And It’s Already A Certified Bop

Look out “Rumor”, IZ*ONE has a new summer bop on the way.

Unit/solo stages during concerts is nothing new, but it looks like IZ*ONE had a surprise up their sleeve during the unit stages at their EYES ON ME concert in Seoul.

Members Sakura, Yuri, Minju, Eunbi, Chaeyeon, and Hyewon prepared a performance of a brand new song called “Ayaya (Hush)”. It’s a summery tropical house song that fans online have likened to the Produce 48 unit hit “Rumor”. So far only fancams have been posted online.

Not only does the song sound amazing, but it showcases the members’ individual talents so well. Chaeyeon and Sakura were able to show off their incredible dancing skills, Yuri and Eunbi had plenty of moments for their powerful vocals to shine through, and Minju and Hyewon’s pure, delicate charms were on full display.

Whether or not this will serve as an official release it’s still unknown. IZ*ONE is set to officially release their Japanese single “Buenos Aires” on June 26, although the full audio and performance have already surfaced online.

“Ayaya (Hush)” could possibly be a supporting single for IZ*ONE’s as-of-yet unconfirmed Korean comeback.