IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Gave off Total Stewardess Vibes at a Recent Airport Appearance

Wonyoung pulled off yet another simple and elegant airport look.

IZ*ONE recently set out to Japan from Incheon International Airport, and Jang Wonyoung pulled off a unique look that turned heads for an interesting reason.

Wonyoung is well-known for always looking gorgeous and a lot older than she is (16) at times.

And this time was no exception.

On this day, Wonyoung left her hair down and flowing while sporting a patterned blue scarf that gave her stewardess vibes.

If one said she really was a stewardess, many would have believed them since stewardesses in Korea are known for their outstanding beauty.

An appearance like this makes it clear that such simple and elegant outfits compliment Wonyoung’s beauty very well.

Check out some more gorgeous photos of Wonyoung below:

Source: Insight