IZ*ONE’s Sakura Steps Out In A Long Ponytail And WIZ*ONE Are Freaking Out About It

Sakura is basking in the summer heat with these photos.

On May 20, IZ*ONE‘s Sakura shared an Instagram post of her hitting the streets of Korea sipping a smoothie. Not only does she look like a Goddess of Summer, but the main thing that caught WIZ*ONE’s eyes was her long ponytail.


Summer’s already here?

From today, Kkura (Sakura) will wear short sleeves and shorts~

Everyone, is it Summer where you live?

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WIZ*ONE in the comment section were taken aback by the sight of Sakura with long hair, as her short bob has been her signature look since even before Produce 48 days.

Admit it guys, Sakura with dat ponytail is EVERYTHING

– Instagram: @n0t_connect3d._.1225

Kura with long hair 😍

– Instagram: @naim_akml

Sakura wears a ponytail on occasion, but those occasions are few and far between leaving WIZ*ONE to savor every ponytail moment they get.

Sakura is stunning no matter what hair color or length she wears; we can’t wait to see what she tries next!