IZ*ONE’s Sakura Versus AKB48’s Sakura Is The Toughest Choice You’ll Have To Make

Where do you think she looks prettier?

Sakura is well-known in Korea for belonging to the girl group IZ*ONE. Before she moved to Korea however, she was popular in the Japanese group AKB48. Which group do you think suits her better?






Netizens have commented that she gives off different vibes in each group because of her age.

Since her age is different, she was cute in #1 and pretty in #2.

– Korean Netizen

She looks pretty in different ways. She looked more innocent when she was young and fit the J-pop style more, but her facial features became more distinct now so she fits K-pop better

Which do you prefer: Sakura in IZ*ONE or Sakura in AKB48?

Source: Theqoo