IZ*ONE’s ‘Weird’ Choreography Shocks Fans

They’re calling it messy.

Mnet‘s Produce 48 girl group IZ*ONE is garnering attention for their “Eyes on Me” choreography that they performed in their Japanese concert last month.

Netizens expressed their dislike for the choreography, claiming that it made the members use their arms too much. They said it reminded them of a Japanese choreography, which is different from typical K-Pop dances.

 They’re like a Japanese girl group dancing messy…It’s not like the choreography of Korean girl groups.

– Korean Netizen

Many others, however, expressed that being as it is a Japanese song, it was likely made with the preference of Japanese fans in mind.

Anyway, it’s Japanese song and their stage in Japan; perhaps Japanese fans will love it.

– Korean Netizen

Check out the full video below: