Jang Nara’s Story Of Encountering A Ghost On A Bus Is Chilling

“You can see me”?

On an episode of Infinite Challenge, Yoo Jae Suk and HAHA recall a scary ghost experience from Jang Nara. 

The encounter begins with Jang Nara being on the bus and seeing a person starting at her. Jang Nara got this strange feeling of fear and that there wasn’t something right about the person she was making eye contact with.

The two kept making constant eye contact with each other, and the scary person kept looking around his surroundings. Jang Nara couldn’t help but feel that the action was a bit strange.

The scariest part was what the scary “person” asked Jang Nara after looking around his surroundings, which was “You can see me?”

This sent chills down the spines of the cast of Infinite Challenge and many didn’t want to believe it. HAHA kept emphasizing how it was a true story, which only made the cast more fearful.

Watch the full video below!