Jang Sung Kyu Shares The DMs He Exchanged With BTS’s J-Hope

Now talk about lucky!

Recently, BTS’s RM and J-Hope posted Instagram stories about the variety show, Workman, which mentioned J-Hope’s name, in hopes that he would appear on the show one day. After seeing that they posted this online, Jang Sung Kyu posted the screenshots on his Instagram, shocked at what had just happened.

I doubted what I just saw with my eyes. It’s already amazing that BTS’s watches ‘Workman’, but for them to post it online…I think I’ve used all my luck for this year. #BTS #RM #Namjoon #Jhope #thankyou I am so shocked that I had to send a text to the main PD who is currently sleeping right now #sorryjiwon #workman

Most recently, Jang posted on his Instagram once again, this time revealing the DMs he exchanged with none other than J-Hope himself!

J-Hope: Oh Hyung-him! Hello!!! Daebak daebak I’ve watched ‘Workman’ since way back! I am considered as one of the ‘JOB’. I was busy and couldn’t watch this episode, but one of the members told me about it and bam! my name appeared in it! Thank you for always bringing good content and laughter. I will continue to support you! Thanks for sending me a message and happy new year!

Also, please say hello to Jiwon PD for me too please!

Jang Sung Kyu: Wow…I am so touched. I’m literally in tears as someone who has watched the ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ music video over ten times. Thank you for this. I would like to post this message online if it’s okay with you? I know I shouldn’t ask this but this how people’s greed is I guess… Thank you once again and I hope that you stay healthy and continue to be the pride of the world! I support you!

J-Hope: Sure thing hyung-nim! You can post it no problem! Fighting! Thanks also for watching the video!

In his caption, he stated, “It’s not easy for one person who impresses the world to impress even one person…maybe aliens are ARMYs too.” It really does like he’s used all his luck for this year because it isn’t every day that BTS responds to DMs!