Japan is currently in a potato chip crisis, prices skyrocketing

Prices for potato chips in Japan have skyrocketed to an all-time high.

After a series of bad storms that affected the regions in Hokkaido, Japan has suffered their worst potato harvest in 34 years according to Fortune. Unfortunately, with the bad harvest, came bad news as Japanese brand Calbee announced that production of their potato chips will be temporarily suspended due to the current situation.

Calbee’s announcement has led to an overwhelming increase in their sales, as many Japanese consumers have flocked to the markets to stock up on their beloved potato chips. As a result, one bag of Calbee potato chips that is typically worth $2 is now selling for as much as $12 online due to the shortage of Calbee potato chips.

Bags of Calbee potato chips are selling for ridiculous prices online.

Calbee spokesperson Rie Makuuchi stated that as of the moment, they are not sure when their production will continue as the company solely relies on homegrown potatoes for their products. The company is currently looking at other

The company is currently looking at other alternatives to this situation, with the possibility of importing potatoes from the United States. They are also considering encouraging farmers in the southern island of Kyushu to begin their potato harvests earlier than usual this year.

Source: NextShark