Japanese Model Saves Earth From Meteor Using Her Boobs In This WTF Video

She shot lasers from her boobs.

A Japanese idol famous for her G-cup size breasts saves the world in a weird new video that’s going viral.

Erina Kamiya is a member of a Japanese girl group called Kamen Joshi, or “mask girls”.

Kamen Joshi

She is known for her revealing promotional videos and strange concepts involving her breasts.

She taught viewers how to remove a shirt in one swift movement.

The new video, called “Breasts Save the World” starts with Kamiya relaxing on a hot springs trip with fellow idols Misa Kubota and Moa Tsukino.

But Kamiya quickly jumps to the rescue when an animated meteor begins hurtling towards earth.

She gathers laser power in her breasts to blast the threat away. Those are some serious guns!

All that’s left of the fireball is some pretty pink smoke, and Kamiya has saved the day with her impressive shooting.

Back in November 2017, Kamiya tried to break a stack of six roof tiles with her breasts.

She didn’t make it, but the attempt was impressive!

Way to save the day, Kamiya!

Source: SoraNews24