Japanese Pub Manager Poisons Part Timer For Slacking Off

A 30-year-old manager of an izayaka (Japanese style pub) in Himeji city took matters into his own hands when a part-timer was not performing as well as desired.

The manager noticed that one of his part time workers was not working to his standards. He got fed up with his part timer’s job performance so he decided to poison him.

He went home and went online to order seeds of the highly toxic datura plant also known as the devil’s trumpet.

The deadly seeds of the Datura plant has been used as poison since ancient times. The deadly plant has horrible side effects including amnesia, delirium, and pupils dilated to the point that normal light causes intense pain.

After receiving the seeds, the manager ground the datura seeds up and put them into the part timer’s rice bowl when no one was around.

The part timer ate the poisoned food but fortunately did not die. He suffered a lot of pain and it took him a week to recover but he survived.

The manager was caught and arrested after an investigation discovered the origins of the part timer’s painful week. Despite the use of a deadly substance, the manager only got three years of probation for poisoning a co-worker.

If you ever see the Datura plant in the wild, excercise caution. This pretty flower is highly lethal.

Source: Asahi Tomo News