Jay Park Reportedly Cut His Concert Fee To Bring More Staff On Tour

We stan a humble king.

Jay Park is gaining attention for his humble actions.

DJ Pumkin, a fellow AOMG artist, revealed his story. He mentioned in his Broken GPS podcast that Jay Park lessened his performance fee so he could afford to bring more of his dancers and staff members on tour with him.

This is good news not just for his staff but his fans as well. By bringing more dancers, makeup artists, etc., it would ensure that Jay Park could give a “good performance” with maximum preparation for the fans who bought tickets to see him.

Fans were impressed by his humility and devotion to them.

Jay Park is currently embarking on his first solo tour entitled “Sexy 4eva World Tour”. It began on July 2019 in South Korea, and will visit over 30 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australasia.

Catch the latest Broken GPS episode below: