Jeon Somi Dishes On Her Alcohol Tolerance And Names Her Favorite Drinks Of All Time

Same, Somi 😂

Unlike many K-Pop idols, “XOXO” singer Jeon Somi isn’t afraid to reveal her drinking habits to the world!

Jeon Somi

Recently, Somi guested on Turkids On The Block. The host, comedian Lee Yong Jin, asked her what she would be doing if it weren’t for the pandemic.

What would a 21-year old Somi be doing right now if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic apart from preparing your album.

— Lee Yong Jin

According to Somi, she thinks she’d be “drinking a lot” because she enjoys it.

Rather than consuming light beer or soju, Somi surprisingly prefers whiskey and vodka!

I don’t drink beer or soju. I prefer whiskey or vodka.

— Somi

She doesn’t drink too much, however. When asked how much she drinks, she admitted to downing half a bottle if she’s alone and one bottle when she’s with a friend.

Maybe half a bottle? Maybe one bottle when I’m out with a friend?

— Somi

Somi believes that she’s good at holding her liquor down because she inherited the same skill from her grandmother, someone who even earned the nickname “Clinky” from her friends.

I think it’s inherited. My grandmother’s nickname was Clinky. She always used to put ice in her glass and pour whiskey, hence the ‘clink-clink.’

— Somi

In the same interview, Somi debunked the common belief that she has many close friends in the K-Pop industry. Check it out below!

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Source: YouTube