Jeon Somi Addresses Her Heated Lamborghini Controversy On “Radio Star”

She didn’t know what all the hate was about.

In light of Jeon Somi‘s recent comeback with “What You Waiting For”, she made an appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star where she addressed her recent Lamborghini controversy.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

On the show, Ahn Young Mi raised the topic with the question, “I heard you topped the real-time searches because of a foreign car?

Earlier this year in March, Somi stirred up controversy when she was spotted in a yellow Lamborghini Urus which costs around ~$200,000 US.

And she took to the popular variety show to formally clarify what happened.

I wanted to ride and have that car so much that it was my goal. And when I was filming my reality show, I made a request to my agency, which allowed me to be the first celebrity to be sponsored for a test drive.

— Somi

Somi shared that despite the controversy, she truly enjoyed the experience.

I took my rings off and drove it carefully. The sound of the engine was so nice that my heart raced.

— Somi

But she couldn’t understand the hate she received.

I really wanted to buy it, but many people pressed ‘dislike’ on the related articles. I’d never seen so many dislikes before, so I wondered, ‘Is this really something to be mad about?’ It’s not like I actually bought it.

— Somi

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi revealed that although her agency wanted to clarify right away, she wanted to talk them out of it.

When it came up on the real-time searches on the first day, my agency said we should clarify. But I tried to talk them out of it because I thought the reality show would get a lot of views. But it was still on the top of the real-time searches on the second day, so my agency clarified on their own.

— Somi

Source: Dispatch