Jeon Somi Shows off Shocking Body Proportions Just by Doing a Few Casual Stretches

Somi is definitely model material.

Jeon Somi recently shared multiple photos of herself on her official Instagram account along with the caption, “I’ll pretend to stretch, so please take natural photos of me. I’m a little embarrassed.

The shared photos show Somi posing in front of a concrete wall wearing a short skirt and long boots.

What particularly stood out was Somi’s unbelievably long legs and unrealistic body proportions.

And on the same day, Somi also shared a video at the same setting on her official Twitter account.

The shared video proves that the photos of Somi looking like an absolute model was actually taken while she was casually dancing in the middle of her shoot.

Seeing from these recent photos and video, Somi could totally be a model if she wanted.

Source: Dispatch