TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is A Real-Life Angel

Jeongyeon spends a lot of her time taking care of the other TWICE members. 

No matter where they are, Jeongyeon is always keeping an eye out and making sure everything is okay.

In fact, Jeongyeon is referred to as “no jam” (no fun) because she sometimes spoils the fun.

But she’s actually making sure that everyone is safe and nothing goes wrong.

She always lends a hand in helping the younger members when they’re struggling.

And of course, she’s always there for her best friend Nayeon. 

Perhaps one of the most alert members, she always makes sure to prevent wardrobe malfunctions ahead of time too.

Rain or snow, Jeongyeon is always there to help and protect her fellow TWICE members.

Jeongyeon really is a real-life angel!