Jessi Spams Jay Park’s Livestream, Demands To See Jay-Z

Jay Park recently gave an Instagram live after news broke that he was signing to Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation.

[★BREAKING] Jay Park signs with Jay Z’s Roc Nation

During the livestream, he spoke with fans about the news and how everything came about.

Jessi also joined Jay Park’s fans for the livestream where she was extremely active in the chat.

While he was doing a quick Q&A with his viewers, Jessi appeared to ask all the important questions.

Soon, the chat was flooded with Jessi’s “Have you met Jay-Z?”, “Where is Beyoncé?”

After all these questions, Jay told a long story about how he met Jay-Z, before revealing it all to be a joke.

But, being signed to his label, it’s only a matter of time before they meet for real.

Check out the full live stream below!