Jessica Can’t Get Enough Of This One K-Pop Artist

Jessica revealed the one K-Pop artist she is always listening to during a recent interview. 

Jessica explained that her favorite K-Pop singer at the moment is the nation’s little daughter herself, IU!

Amongst IU’s long list of amazing songs, Jessica has recently been listening to “Palette” and “Through the Night”, off of her most recent album. 

I still love IU’s songs even after hearing them many times, I listen to her recent releases Palette and Through The Night.”

— Jessica

It’s no wonder Jessica has so much respect for IU, who has become one of Korea’s most popular artists since debuting almost 10 years ago. 

Jessica is currently promoting her newest album My Decade and hopes to even promote her title track “Summer Storm” on music shows!

Jessica Really Wants To Promote “Summer Storm” On Music Shows

Source: My Daily