Jessica Jung Looks Like A Winter Princess In Latest Instagram Updates

Looking like royalty.

Jessica Jung recently posted photos of her trip to Switzerland, and she looked like a modern-day winter princess!

She posted photos of herself in full-on, all-white winter gear. Looking chic and cozy, the singer is being praised for her flawless visuals. Many agree that her photos would fit in with a winter magazine pictorial.

She also blessed fans with a photo of her in a robe, showing off her skincare products (maybe some of us can cop those products to get flawless glass skin like Jessica!) and posing for the camera. She indeed looks like royalty; despite how simple the photo is, she manages to look angelic.

Jessica also gifted fans with photos of her looking like an angel wearing a royal blue dress. She looks like she came straight out of a Disney princess movie. Jessica truly is the epitome of class.

With her dreamy expressions and youthful beauty, Jessica continues to show off how much a visual she is, and people are living for more updates from the soloist.

Source: Pann