Jin Surprised Suga With This Letter During Their First Tour in Japan

Jin wrote a surprise letter to Suga during their first tour in Japan in early 2014.

The members were all supposed to write letters to their fans, but Jin took the time to write his letter to Suga instead.

Jin expressed his feelings of admiration toward Suga in the letter.

He shared how he felt proud of Suga’s strength, and how he admired him.

“To Suga, who’s always cool and strong,

I really admire you.

This showcase, even with your condition, you didn’t let fans see your weakened state and performed well.

I think that’s really cool. If I was in your condition, I don’t know if I could stand on stage.

That’s why you’re our pride. Suga, it’s okay for you to say you feel weak. The members will take care of you.

From now on, let’s do our best for those who are supporting us. Then together with the members and the fans, let’s make legends.

If it’s us, I believe we can do it.

Please treat me well from now on.
From, Jin”

– BTS’s Jin

Suga was so overwhelmed, he screamed to express his emotion.

In the end, all of the members gathered to surround Jin and Suga.