Jo Kwon Argues That Not a Single Celebrity Gets a Free Ride in the Military

Jo Kwon faced criticism for remarks made on a recent show appearance.

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently uploaded a photo of himself in the military along with a long explanation arguing that not a single celebrity gets a free ride in the military just because of their public status.

In his Instagram Story, Jo Kwon stressed,

Whether you’re in the band, you’re a foot soldier, you work in the kitchen, you’re in the back, you’re in the front, or you perform in the musical as a celebrity soldier, there’s not a single person who goes off to the military to sit around and suck honey.

– Jo Kwon

He continued,

I think my appearance on broadcast caused some misunderstanding, but I think I did a good job in the military. When I saw the posts of predecessors and fellow comrades from the military, I was so touched that I couldn’t help but share them.

–  Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon’s comrades praised Jo Kwon’s behavior in the military with statements such as “He didn’t go to the head of headquarters, we had a meeting to chat every week. He was a comfortable and good predecessor, and in society, he’s a respectable and cool Hyung” and “Many comrades and successors felt uncomfortable using formal titles, not just Jo Kwon“.

Ahead of this clarification, Jo Kwon appeared on KBS’s Problem Child in House and shared a story about how he was shocked that he had to use honorifics with a military superior 9 years younger than him and that he changed the way he spoke to him after discussing it with the head of headquarters.

But following the broadcast, netizens criticized Jo Kwon for slacking off in the military, ultimately leading to Jo Kwon and his comrades’ clarification.

Jo Kwon was recently discharged from the military on March 24.

Source: Insight