John Park Touched an American Customer by Making a Generous Gesture with Korean Yogurt

John Park’s customer service is out of this world!

In a recent episode of tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant, John Park managed a food truck near the UN Plaza in Sanfransico.


What drew the American customers in was the free Korean yogurt that he handed out to customers along with their meals.

The customers reacted to the free service with reactions such as “It tastes like milk but it’s sweet and sour“, “This is strangely good. It tastes like liquid cotton candy“, and “The shape of the bottle is futuristic as if you can level up by drinking it“.

One customer chugged it all in one go and she must have liked it because she then approached John Park and asked if he sold it in bigger sizes.

Unfortunately, he had only brought the small ones to give away as free samples, so John responded, “No, we don’t. But you can have another one.

John Park’s fluent English, his natural smile, and his sweet gesture are making viewers swoon, and it’s also impressive how he manages to make a food truck feel like a fancy restaurant with his service alone.

Watch the full footage below:

Source: Dispatch