Jun Hyun Moo Confessed Why His Relationship with Han Hye Jin Ended

Jun Hyun Moo offered a simple reason for why his relationship with Han Hye Jin ended.

On an episode of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere, Jun Hyun Moo was questioned why he and Han Hye Jin broke up, to which he offered a response.

On the show, DDotty confessed that he’s not the type to get angry very often, and Jun Hyun Moo asked, “You’ve probably had a girlfriend before. Don’t you fight with them?

When DDotty replied, “I don’t really fight with my girlfriends“, Jun Hyun Moo questioned, “If you don’t fight, why did you break up?

In response, DDotty caught Jun Hyun Moo off guard by asking, “Then why did you break up?

Even Lee Young Ja must have been curious because she also added, “Can you tell us one reason?” to which Jun Hyun Moo shared, “We broke up because I was lacking.

Currently, Jun Hyun Moo is in a relationship with former television announcer and TV personality Lee Hye Sung.