Jun Hyun Moo Reveals What It’s Like to Eat With His Girlfriend Lee Hye Sung

“I didn’t expect to be so touched, but that’s actually really sweet.” – Netizen

On a recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, Jun Hyun Moo talked about his announcer girlfriend, Lee Hye Sung and how they’ve been getting along.


Jun Hyun Moo, Jung Joon Ha, Hong Hyun Hee, and Jo Se Ho were talking about health and diets when Jun Hyun Moo revealed his eating style.

I normally like to drink carbonated drinks, and I tend to eat really fast. It’s been like that ever since I was in the military.

– Jun Hyun Moo

And when he was asked about what it was like to eat with his girlfriend, Lee Hye Sung, Jun Hyun Moo gave an honest answer.

I’m always waiting for her to finish eating. I finish eating really fast, as usual, and then I watch her eat slowly.

– Jun Hyun Moo

He even added that his girlfriend’s way of eating is healthy, making fans squeal at their sweetness.

My girlfriend is the type to chew really thoroughly and eat in a healthy pace.

– Jun Hyun Moo

Following this reveal, fans are responding to the confession with comments such as “I can sense that he really loves his girlfriend“, “That’s so sweet“, and “I didn’t expect to be so touched, but that’s actually really sweet“.

It was just announced late last year that Jun Hyun Moo is dating announcer Lee Hye Sung, who’s 15 years younger.

Here’s hoping their relationship continues to thrive!

Source: Insight