Jun Hyun Moo Tries The Gender Swap Filter, Ends Up Looking Like This Comedian

They’re like twins!

On his Instagram, Jun Hyun Moo uploaded a picture of himself trying out Snapchat’s popular gender swap filter and the result turned out to look exactly like his friend and comedian Kim Sook!


In the caption, Jun Hyun Moo questioned, “Am I Kim Sook or Jun Hyun Moo?” He also hashtagged “Shih Tzu Fam”, referring to both his and Kim Sook’s nickname that was endearingly given because they both look like the shih tzu breed of dog.

Translation: “Am I Kim Sook? Or Am I Jun Hyun Moo? Snapchat is so cool! #KimSook #JunHyunMoo #LookAlike #ShihTzuFam #IAmTheBoss #Snapchat”


Fans are cracking up about the uncanny resemblance. Jun Hyun Moo’s filtered picture looks more like Kim Sook than Kim Sook herself! Check out the difference – or the lack thereof.

Source: Dispatch