Jung Hae In Was Convinced That Han Ji Min Was Crying When She Really Wasn’t All Because of Her Eyes

“Why are you crying?” – Jung Hae In “I’m not.” – Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min recently received a lot of attention for her eyes following the reveal of behind-the-scenes footage of her MBC drama, One Spring Night.

The footage showed Han Ji Min eating hand-chopped noodles with Jung Hae In where he started off the conversation with, “Did you eat?

He then took a closer look at Han Ji Min and asked, “Why are you crying?” to which she replied, “I’m not crying. Does it look like I am?

This misunderstanding might not be so surprising when considering Han Ji Min’s eyes and how it sparkles pretty much all the time.

Her eyes are also one of her key traits that make both her co-stars and viewers fall for her charms.

Seeing how her puppy-dog eyes even convinced Jung Hae In that she was crying, it appears that the sparkle has not died down one bit.

Check out some more photos of Han Ji Min’s beautiful eyes below:

Source: Dispatch