Jung Hae In Reveals What Kind of Woman He’s Really Looking for

He’s not looking for the typical “beautiful girl with a nice personality”.

While many celebrities are revealing their ideal types in terms of typical appearances and personalities, there’s one actor who is gaining attention for how detailed and unique his ideal type is.

Earlier last year when Something in the Rain came to an end, Jung Hae In spoke about his ideal type in an interview.

When he was asked about his ideal type, Jung Hae In confessed that he’s looking for a more reserved woman who speaks when needed.

I like someone who is quiet, but says what needs to be said. They need to be able to speak their mind.

– Jung Hae In

But that’s not all Jung Hae In is looking for. He also shared that the woman also needs to be true to her emotions.

I like someone who can be honest to her own emotions. My ideal type is not someone who hides her feelings and says she’s okay. I want them to tell me if she hates something or if she likes something, and express her true feelings with courage.

– Jung Hae In

And just like his clear views on his ideal type, Jung Hae In also knew what he had to do to become happier.

All you have to do is lower yourself a little bit. If you lower your point of view just a little bit, you become very happy.

– Jung Hae In

Regarding Jung Hae In’s taste in women and life, fans are responding with comments such as “He really knows what he wants“, “Oppa, that’s me!“, and “I’m Jung Hae In’s ideal type starting today.


Source: Insight