Jung Woo Sung Was Once so Poor That He Was Scolded and Dumped by His Girlfriend

He even worked part-time as a model to get by.

Actor Jung Woo Sung, who is the ideal type of many fans, confessed that he was once dumped by his girlfriend for being poor.


On a recent episode of KBS’s Dolseung, Jung Woo Sung opened up about love.

During the discussion, Lee Seung Chul asked Jung Woo Sung if he was in passionate love, to which Jung Woo Sung responded in a vague way.

We should always be in love.

– Jung Woo Sung

In response, Lee Seung Chul asked why he was avoiding the topic and asked if he had ever been dumped before, to which Jung Woo Sung said yes.

I have.

– Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung then opened up about a past relationship where he was scolded every day for not having any money.

This is a little sad… but because we didn’t have much room financially, I got scolded every single day.

– Jung Woo Sung

He also shared that he did his best to make money, but that it was difficult to live comfortably.

I tried to make money by working part-time as a model, but it was hard to consistently have a comfortable life.

– Jung Woo Sung

Unfortunately, Jung Woo Sung was dumped as a result, but he’s now THE Jung Woo Sung, meaning he won’t have to worry about monetary factors getting in the way again.

But poor Jung Woo Sung!


Source: Insight