Jungkook’s Boyfriend Look Will Make You Forget What This Commercial Is Actually For

The Golden Maknae starred in a commercial… but that’s not important.

When Jungkook is on screen, it’s hard for fans to focus on anything else.

VisitSeoul TV released a series of tourism CFs featuring BTS. Jungkook’s video starts with him using with a vintage camera, as if he’s filming his next Golden Closet Film. 

Dressed casually in a white T-shirt and denim, he strolls toward the viewer, looking like the boyfriend of everybody’s dreams.

Try as it might, this enormous text can’t outshine Jungkook’s smile…

…and this shot alone is enough to make fans forget they’re watching an ad.

Ad? What ad? We only see Kookie!

The footage of Seoul’s exciting diversions is gorgeous, but if Jungkook wants ARMY to visit, all he has to do is ask!

Check out the actual commercial below: