Jungkook’s wet shirt highlights his muscles, leaves fans shook

BTS‘s Jungkook won’t seem like the maknae of the group anymore after you see this incredible video of him in a wet shirt.

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, the members of the group decided to go to One Mount, a water park located in Rap Monster‘s hometown, Ilsan.

The members divided into two teams and played several pool games against each other, including trying to push each other off a floating cushion without using their hands and jumping from float to float.

One particular scene stole the show due to Jungkook’s muscular and broad back which could be seen through his wet shirt.

Those arms and chest.

He seriously has the perfect body! So lean and muscular.

J-Hope has also been praised for his incredible abs that could be seen during the show as well.

Check out the full episode here!