JYP Entertainment Expects Huge Jump In Ticket Sales Due To TWICE And GOT7

Thanks to the boom of TWICE and GOT7, JYP Entertainment is expecting even higher ticket sales in 2017 and 2018 than they received in 2016.

Hana Financial Investments looked into JYP Entertainment and determined that they were on track to smash the company record for number of concert tickets sold.

The graph on the right shows the breakdown of tickets sold between JYP’s three main groups 2PM, TWICE, and GOT7 since 2012. Ticket sales for bothTWICE and GOT7 are expected to skyrocket in 2017 and 2018 while 2PM’s will drop as more members enlist in the military.

The graph on the left shows the expected revenue and profit since 2012, showing that they have been increasing each year.

JYP Entertainment groups will be busy in the 2nd quarter of the year as 2PM is scheduled for 6 concerts, TWICE recently held 2 overseas and will have 2 more as part of their TWICELAND series, and GOT7 will be touring Japan.

Lee Ki Hoon, a researcher for Hana Financial Investments, commented on how TWICE is expected to succeed in Japan when they debut in June, further adding to JYP Entertainment’s growing success and sales.

“It is very likely that TWICE will succeed in Japan with their June album release and July showcase.

Localization is one of the biggest factors leading to success and for the first time since a major K-Pop group entered the Japanese market, there are Japanese members.”

— Lee Ki Hoon

Thanks to TWICE and GOT7, JYP Entertainment earned a record ₩4 billion KRW ($3.57 million USD) in operating profit in the first quarter of 2017 alone.

Source: AsiaToday and MK